Successful Work-At-Home Tips For Parents

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It’s honorable to have a work-at-home job so you can be closer to your children. However, choosing this career path can be stressful and hard to manage. There are countless ways to organize your time and stay sane while being productive and a great parent — all while working from home. Here are some favorite tips!

Work Mobile

You don’t always have to work from your office. You can move your laptop around your home and work mobile. If you don’t already have a WiFi connection, subscribe for one. This way you can work from the couch, at the kitchen table while your kids do homework and even outside as they play. This allows you to sneak in time at random points of the day to read emails, do a quick task or make a quick Skype call. You can also do at-home errands such as online faxing with Metrofax. This service allows you to send paperwork to your child’s school or a doctor’s office without leaving the home.

Be In Control Of Interruptions

It’s inevitable that your baby will need you throughout the day, so be ready for interruption. Look at these as mini-breaks that can be used to spend time with your child and get away from your work for the day. Minimize Possible DistractionsWhen you can work it in, maybe during your children’s nap times, put your cell phone on silent, turn off your email program and take advantage of the quiet. The more you keep distractions to a minimum, the more productive you can be and the less time you spend working each day.

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Make To-Do Lists

Make a to-do list before the end of each workday for the next day. This allows you to set realistic goals for yourself and small goals to complete throughout the day. If you split your work into several small work sessions, you won’t be as stressed and in turn, will be more productive.

Reward Yourself

At the end of each work day and after all of your parental responsibility are done for the day, reward yourself with something. Whether it’s a glass of wine, a bubble bath, a movie night with your spouse — anything really that reduces stress and allows you some down time before you do it all over again tomorrow. These simple work-at-home tips will keep your mind clear, your body productive and your family happy. By setting realistic expectations for yourself, you allow yourself to be successful as an employee and as a parent. Your kids will thank you in the future when they remind you of all the precious memories you shared with them, despite your growing to-do list in your home office.

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