A Web Browser is Only The Beginning

Going online has gotten a little too easy. Thanks to laptops, iPads and Wi-Fi, even a five-year old can click a button and get online instantly. The problem is not accessibility; it’s the lack of a roadmap.

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Sites like Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon and eBay only exist on the Web, but they are as real to everyone as the Grand Canyon and Coca-Cola. If you give an inexperienced person full online access to everything the Internet has to offer, they could get lost forever. If you don’t know any better, what really distinguishes one website from another when it comes to trust? Layout, style, color, word of mouth?

Having a browser alone to surf the Internet is like having a car on the US highway system but without any road signs to tell where you are going.

How to Navigate

At least if we are in a car we can map out our route before we hit the road. On the Web, you need to first get online before you figure out where to go online. More often than not, we navigate the Web thanks to the help of useful portals along the way–Google, Bing and Yahoo help us get where we, hopefully, want to go. They can help us find sites for everything from today’s weather, news of the world or where to find an obscure piece of art and see how much it’ll cost to buy.

But as you move throughout online, you constantly have to go back to the beginning every time if you want to look for something else or to learn what a new word or phrase means.

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A GPS for Online

Zugo Bing has developed a toolbar to add to browsers which allow users to search for new sites or information from whatever Web page they are on. They offer companies and users the ability to create branded and personalized toolbars which include a search function as well as a one-click access to weather, news and popular sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Companies can use Zugo to create toolbars to give away to customers for free for their IE and Firefox browsers. These toolbars allow the company to reward loyal customers and remind them of their brand. Moreover, customers get a free program that lets them explore the Web and visit their favorite sites all with the click of a mouse and without having to navigate back to a start page every time.

So the next time you are lost online. Don’t go back to the start; get a toolbar to help you get on your way.

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